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1446 Hijri, 13 Muharram
umrah packages 2022

Muslims around the world gathers in the city of Mecca to follow the path that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) once walked. This is a journey that every Muslim desire to make at least once in their life span. A number of fine Umrah Packages 2022 are available on AlMuslim Travel for you to choose from.

The Majority of the Muslims don’t wait for the right moment to perform Umrah rather they wait until they can afford the cost of this holy journey. The cost of performing this holy journey varies as it depends on the season you are planning to travel.

You must consider a few important things when choosing the best All Inclusive Umrah Packages. The season you select to go for Umrah is particularly significant. We would be pleased to provide you with a few guidelines on this subject here.

Importance of Seasoning in Umrah

It’s really important that you should understand the importance of the season when planning to book for the Umrah package. The season can affect you in many ways while performing Umrah peacefully. For instance, the weather in Saudi Arabia gets extremely hot during springtime.

There are also times of the year when it is overcrowded, such as during the holidays or Ramadan. Furthermore, there comes few months when you experience a rather calm environment due to less crowd. In this way, you experience hustle free and relaxed time in Holy Mosques.

Therefore, you must consider the appropriateness of the season while planning to go for this holy journey. If you’re still unsure about when to begin your pilgrimage, we’ve provided five options for you to consider.

umrah packages 2022

Performing Umrah in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan is considered the Holiest month in the Islamic calendar. The first few revelations of the Holy Quran were revealed during this holy month. Muslims all around the world aim to improve spiritually and strengthen their bonds with Almighty Allah by fasting. Performing the holy pilgrimage in the holy month of Ramadan brings numerous rewards.

Muslims strives to collect not only the blessings and virtues of Almighty Allah but also gain spiritual alleviation and mental relief.

Both holy mosques of Makkah and Madinah face excessive rush and crowd during this whole month. Airline and hotels prices become expensive; especially last 10 days of Ramadan are considered the most expensive 10 days in the whole year

Therefore if you plan to go Ramadan then book Ramadan Umrah Packages 2022 at least 3 to 4 months earlier. This way you can get preferable hotels and cheaper flights as per your desire.

Umrah after Hajj

Saudi Govt closes the visa processing after 2 weeks of Ramadan. This is because they must prepare themselves for the biggest event coming ahead, “ The Hajj “. Umrah reopens after at least a month of Hajj season but there are no specific dates or announcements for this. Performing Umrah after Hajj in months of Muharram and Safar is considered the most economical and peaceful time.

The holy mosques are fully packed during the Hajj season as Hajj is performed once a year. When this Hajj season is over, prices of hotels and airlines are cut down to half. So if you intend to perform this ritual peacefully in a comfortable environment, this is the perfect time for you. You feel relaxed due to less crowd and experience a hassle-free stay during Umrah.

Conduct Umrah in Spring Season

During the summer, the Climate of Saudi Arabia becomes extremely hot. It gets harder for pilgrims to perform Umrah under the scorching heat of the sun. On the other hand, the Spring season is relatively more pleasant. The temperature is cold enough to perform holy rituals quite comfortably.

Specially pilgrims coming from cold climate countries, Springtime is most favourable for them. Between February to May, it’s neither too cold nor hot so this is the ideal time to book the best Umrah packages 2022. We recommend travelling in this season especially when you have kids and elderly persons with you.

Umrah During School Holidays

Most people prefer to perform Umrah with their families but bringing all family members together can be difficult sometimes. So the majority of pilgrim plans to visit ALLAH’s house during school or national holidays.

Pilgrims from the UK have Schools and colleges holidays thought the year like; February half-term (14 Feb – 18 Feb), Easter Holidays (4 April – 18 April), Summer Holidays (19 April – 27 May) and Christmas. You observe a hike in the prices of airlines and hotels when the season approaches. That’s why it’s better to book your Umrah package as early as possible.

Almuslim Travel has early bird offers for booking Umrah packages 2022, especially during these holiday seasons. We also offer group Umrah Deals for individuals during these seasons. Our professional agents are always there to assist you in finding the suitable Cheap Umrah Package according to your budget.

Umrah in December Holidays

December is probably the most suitable time for UK pilgrims to visit the Holy cities of Mecca and Madinah. There are school holidays, the weather is quite pleasant and due to the end of Ramadan and Hajj season, Holy Mosques are less crowded allowing you to have a hassle-free and comfortable experience of Umrah experience.

Because of all these factors, December is considered the second-highest season to perform Umrah after Ramadan. So be advised to book your December Umrah Packages as early as possible. Almuslim Travel has the privilege to offer specially designed December Umrah Packages 2022 at the most affordable price from the United Kingdom.

You can also customize your package by discussing your plans with us over the phone, chat or email. Our trained Umrah travel consultants are available 7 days a week to help you find the most suitable Umrah package in December.

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