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Umrah Packages 2024

Book Affordable Umrah Packages 2024 with Al Muslim Travels 

Is there any other act more rewarding than Jihad? It is said that the reward for Umrah is equal to going to Jihad. Therefore, if you are thinking about going to Umrah and want to plan everything ahead of time, you have come to the right place. Al Muslim Travels is here to help you plan your Umrah journey from scratch. With our undeniably exceptional services and affordable prices, we ensure that you’re in good hands. Al Muslim Travels is offering Umrah packages 2024 at the most discounted rates, and we have not one but plenty of different Umrah packages planned out for you to help you get ready for your Umrah journey. 

3 Star Umrah Package 2024

4 Star Umrah Package 2024

5 Star Umrah Package 2024

The Complete Guide to Unlimited Umrah Packages from UK

Al Muslim Travels has made the travel dreams of thousands of UK residents come true. We have found suitable Umrah packages UK for all our customers. No matter if you want to perform Umrah alone, or you want to take your family with you, we have countless Umrah packages 2024 planned out for you. 

We like to make sure that you and your family enjoy your Umrah pilgrimage without any stress. So, here are a few of our services that allow us to make your Umrah pilgrimage the most comfortable journey of your life. 

  • Clean Hotels
  • Fastest Visa Processing 
  • All-inclusive Packages
  • Luxurious Flights
  • Car Rental Services
  • Tour Guides

These are just a few of our services that we offer in our Umrah packages 2024. In case you want to add some other services, we can also arrange that for you. Al Muslim Travels guarantees you a happy and peaceful Umrah journey, so get in touch now and book your Umrah package.  

We Book Your Umrah Flights with the Best Airlines!

The best part about choosing Al Muslim Travels, is that we offer you an Umrah package with flights. However, while booking Umrah packages, one of our clients biggest concerns is their flights. Sometimes, an uncomfortable flight leads to a bad start to your journey. To avoid this at all costs, we choose the best airlines to book your flights. British Airways, Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad Airways are a few of the best airlines that we book for your Umrah from London to Saudi Arabia. Moreover, these airlines provide you with the best of the services, from comfortable seats to healthy and good food, they make sure you have a peaceful flight and you land safely. 

Learn About the Cheap Umrah Packages 2024 With Us!

We are aware of the economic situation going on in the world right now; we know that travel costs have become almost unbearable. And that is one of the main reasons that people are stepping back from travelling. 

But performing Umrah is such a noble deed, that it should not be delayed at any cost. So, to make sure that money isn’t the reason for you to put your Umrah on hold, we have come up with the cheapest Umrah packages 2024 UK. Our package range starts from a 3 star to 5 star service. 

Packages of All-Types

Our 3 star, 4 star and 5 star packages vary according to the type of the hotel and flight arrangements that you request. Another reason that contributes to making up your budget for Umrah includes the duration of your stay. Most people prefer a 14 – day stay. During this stay, they spend 7 nights in Makkah and 7 nights in Medinah. Therefore, the budget may change depending on how long you plan to stay.  

All-Inclusive Umrah Packages from UK

One of our many top priorities is to keep you happy and at ease. Therefore, if you want to go with something other than our Umrah packages 2024, we can arrange it for you. Furthermore, you can book the airlines and best hotels in Makkah and Madina our inclusive package. Most of our family Umrah Packages are for four people. But if you have more than four people in your family, we can customise a new package for you. In this package, we can book your flight from anywhere in the UK, including Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and Leicester. 

What Makes Us Your First Umrah Travel Choice?

Performing Umrah is a spiritual journey, and we understand this better than anyone else. That’s why we ensure that every aspect of your holy pilgrimage is taken care of. From booking the tickets on the dates that suit you, to making your hotel reservations near to the holy places, we make sure everything runs smoothly for you. 

Other than all the above-mentioned services, we offer cheap Umrah deals for all age groups. So, now it doesn’t matter what age group you are in, we design our Umrah packages 2024 UK to offer you utmost ease and comfort. Secondly, we take care of your visa processing for you. And this way, you’re left out of all the hassle. 

Furthermore, we also take care of your hotel reservations in both cities. We provide you with fully air-conditioned rooms at the best prices. Lastly, we know that affordability is one of your biggest preferences, so as a result, it becomes our responsibility to offer you the most affordable and cheapest Umrah packages 2024. 

So, what’s keeping you back from booking your Umrah Package from the UK? Hit us up now and choose one of our best Umrah packages 2024  now!


How long does it take in all the processing when going for Umrah from the UK?

The processing of Umrah takes 5-7 days at least when you live in the UK.

What documents do I need to apply for an Umrah visa from the UK?

Here’s a list of the documents that you’ll require while applying for Umrah when you’re a British National,

A passport with a validation of upto 6 months ( from the time you’re applying for the Visa.)
A passport size photo.
Non-refundable plane tickets.

Is Ziyarat of historical places a part of my Umrah package?

Although Ziyarat holds great significance in our Deen, its cost is not a part of your basic Umrah package, but if you want us to add it as an additional service, we can arrange it for you. We can arrange an experienced driver with an expert tour guide to assist you during the Ziyarat of Holy Places.

What are some of the best hotels that I can stay in while going to Umrah from the UK?

We offer you the best and most affordable hotel options.

CPullman Zam Zam Makkah, Conrad Makkah, Anwar Al Madinah Mövenpick, Nawazee Watheer Hotel, Saraya Tabah Hotel are a few of the hotels that you can stay in.

What is a 3 Star Umrah Package?

A 3 star Umrah package includes visa processing, flight booking, and hotel reservations. It is one of the most affordable packages, and it might not include deluxe facilities, but it does include all the basic facilities.