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Umrah Packages

Umrah Packages

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Why Al Muslim Travel exceptionally recommended for Umrah Packages

Al Muslim Travel feels pride in having an affiliation with ATOL and IATA. Following authentication, we are working after being notified and registered by The Ministry of Hajj and The Saudi Embassy to ease our dear customers with outstanding services for Umrah packages for United Kingdom. If you are planning for Umrah and looking for suitable Umrah Packages? No need to wonder anymore. After the struggle of years, Al Muslim Travel is here to solve everything for you as we have maintained an outclass position in the race of all travel agencies working in the United Kingdom. We are giving you opportunities for availing All-Inclusive and Premium Exclusive Umrah packages in the best possible cheap rates with which you will enjoy matchless accommodation services, comfortable flights and an impressive supply of transportation, all related to your “dreams come true”.
As it is a universal fact that out of all religions present across the globe, Islam has been acknowledged as a rapidly expanding religion in the race of centuries. Among its five representative pillars, pilgrimage is the fifth one. Originally, every Muslim has a thirst of espying the Kaaba. To quench this thirst, Al Muslim Travel has organized the most convenient and reliable Umrah packages for UK brothers and sisters. According to a research report, there are prominent numbers of Muslims who perform Umrah from the United Kingdom each year. Naturally, people prefer to undertake this divine ritual in less crowded periods that’s why taking notice of your all desired requirements, Al Muslim Travel has especially maintained a friendly schedule of Cheap Umrah packages 2022 for UK clients so they might enjoy every single moment of tying intimacy towards Almighty Allah. We provide characteristic and elementary services of traveling for our dear customers to avail of this holy tour at its best stage. Al Muslim Travel must be your priority as we have designed certain features for your considerable concerns while hiring our duties towards 2022 Umrah packages from UK that are:
  • Giving you a broad sphere of services for cheap Umrah packages in relevance to the frame of time and space.
  • Entertaining our customers with a feasible budget that everyone can afford with ease.
  • Managing your schedule of flights according to your required routines.
  • Facilitating you with the best-pre-arranged accommodations in both Makah and Medina.
  • Leading you to visit holy sites with our travel guide partner.
  • Granting you with customized deals with which you may set your plans on your own.
  • Supporting you with our 24-hour open service and helpline facility.
  • Arranging your payments with verified and secured methods.
  • Providing you with the most easy ways of booking procedures that everyone can handle.
  • Presenting you with outstanding administrative tools, having operators service and groups of experts.
  • Assuring you confirmation of tickets that would apply to your desired time and need.
Taking care of all your dreams being fulfilled under our travel services, we assure you will relish this year’s best and all inclusive Umrah packages.

                                    Umrah, a Spiritual Journey to Makah

What is Umrah? And how sacred it is?

 In Arabic, the lexical meaning of Umrah is “to visit a populated place”. In the context of Sharia, it stands for ‘Pray to Allah’. Umrah is termed as “minor pilgrimage”. It is sacred Sunnah indeed. It can be performed at any period of life except fixed days of Hajj. It is an outclass approach to make the faith more and more strengthen gaining up ranks for life after the Day of Judgment. Umrah is submission of apologies in front of Allah, of sins committed throughout the life. Muslims perform this sacred ritual actually to turn to a guiltless start and to earn virtues. Promisingly, you would prefer our assistance every time whenever cheap Umrah packages 2022 click you to avail. Al Muslim Travel never compromise on the comfort zone of its clients.

Composition of Umrah

 Taking into account the rules set by Islamic laws, Umrah consists of five components that are:
  1. Make pure intention for performing Umrah as it is practiced only for the countenance of Almighty Allah
  2. Tying Ahram
  3. Circumambulate all over the Kaaba
  4. Performing Sa’ee in betwixt of Safaah and Marwah
  5. Clipping of head hairs

How can we check Eligibility for umrah?

 One should know whether he or she is eligible for practicing this holy doctrine or not. No worries. Our travel guide will tell you very precisely about your status for Umrah. There are mentioned certain key elements to check the acceptability rate:
  1. Only Muslims can enter the threshold of the Kaaba.
  2. Pure intention is required meaning that one should be determined to seek the countenance of Almighty Allah.
  3. One should be capable of affording all costs.
  4. It requires females to perform this holy ritual along with her mahram.
In our program related to Umrah packages, our travel agency is keen to make every possible measure for protecting its customers from the start till the end of the journey.

Importance of Umrah in the life of a Muslim

 Although Umrah is a voluntary doctrine, yet every Muslim tends to practice at least once in his life span. Delight of this ritual can be observed in reality when impatience of a Muslim is discovered for visiting Kaaba again after performing the first Umrah of his life.
Umrah is a prayer that showers a cathartic effect in the life of a Muslim. Seniority of Umrah can be judged by quoting a well-known saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. He was interrogated about an exceptionally good deed that a Muslim might conduct. He claimed that “Almighty Allah abolishes all sins of a man committed within two Umrahs. He also added that unconditional attempt is crusade and what is appreciable next is Umrah and Hajj”.
Al Muslim travel not only provides the best and cheapest Umrah packages 2022 but also gives a comprehensive knowledge about the Role of divinity in performing Umrah.

Main objectives of Umrah

 One of the most highlighted purposes behind the performance of Umrah is uprooting all sins of man to compose him as an original soul. Our Umrah packages with flights will give you complete assurance of taking pleasure by all means of the following ambitions:
  • Raising serenity
  • Boosting harmony
  • Achieving material assistance
  • A lesson giving trip
  • Opportunity of becoming Allah’s inmate
  • Wiping out guilt
  • Sunnah equal to crusade

Rewards of Umrah

 While undertaking this superfluous and holy journey, countless rewards are received involving endless blessings and material achievements. Teaching your family during Umrah about the blessings of Allah is itself the endowment of Islamic virtues. Prominently, remunerations promised by Allah can be attained only when the whole procedure of Umrah is correctly performed according to the preaching of the Quran and Sunnah.

How can you find Umrah guidance? (Step by step)

 As you are going to surrender your all dignity in front of Allah, it is natural for a Muslim to get tensed and confused about whether Umrah rituals performed by me would be accomplished right according to Islamic laws or be acceptable or not. No worries at all, Al Muslim Travel has specially formulated a flow chart to clarify all confusions running in minds before taking any necessary step related to Umrah. Our teamwork stays indulged specifically for creating ease and possible flexibility for its clients.
Here are some points on which every client should ponder on:
  • Make pure intention of performing Umrah

First, purify your heart and mind with an ambition of wash out all evils from within and polish yourself with only virtues for the rest of your lives.

  • Perform Ghusl

It is very necessary to clear your body from all external dirt and take a shower properly.

  • Assume Ahram

Muslims should tie Ahram before leaving for Makah

  • Perform tawaf

Circumnutation around Kaaba

  • Perform Sa’ee

Running between hills of Safaah and Marwah

  • Clipping of hairs
 Males are ordered to cut all hairs of head however females are ordered to cut a flit only.

Best time to avail our Umrah Packages in the light of Islam

To extract more supremacy out of Umrah, it is recommended to practice it in the holy month of Ramadan. Rewards attained by the performance of Umrah becomes equal to Hajj when performed in Ramadan. Al Muslim Travel has designed matchless Umrah packages for UK Muslims to facilitate its dear clients with numerous opportunities and with remarkable duties especially in Ramadan. Do not miss availing them.

Arrangements of ziarat present in Makah and Medina

To cherish blissful memories in Makah and Medina, every Muslim wished to visit sacred places linked with our Islamic history. Here is a list provided by AL Muslim Travel so that you may pen down all places in your travel diary as a must-visit.

Places in Makah

  • Haram Mosque
  • Jabaal e Noor
  • Mount Arfa
  • Cave Suhr
  • Jannat ul Maula

Places in Medina

  • Masjid e Nabwi
  • Jannat ul Baqi
  • Masjid al Quba
  • The well of Usman
  • Masjid e Abu-Bakr
  • Masjid e Ali
  • Masjid e Bilal
  • Masjid e Bukhari
We offer our dear customers most suitable services to visit all these holly places during their trip to Saudi Arabia while availing our most trust worthy all inclusive Umrah Packages .

Facility of flights affiliated with all well-known airlines

Various well-known airways are associated with our traveling system with which you all might have comfortable and reasonable flights from the United Kingdom towards the holy journey. The choice is yours depending on your budget and level of considerations. We also arrange the flight and package schedule according to your time demands.

Accommodations and hotels for your sacred tour

Al Muslim Travel feels pride in maintaining its repute under the passenger’s accommodation and hotel selection. As every Muslim is eager to avail of possible close residence to Makah. Therefore, our experts have arranged such Umrah Packages 2022 through which pilgrims would be entertained according to their wishes. What if your pocket does not allow you to enjoy this facility, our transportation service systematically provides you excellent pick and drop service. Taking notice of your budget, we have managed for you 3 star, 5 star and 7-star hotels with best umrah deals in such a way that no one will miss a single prayer either compulsory or non-compulsory. Duration of Umrah also vary depending on the deal or package you choose. There are 7, 10, 12 and 14 Nights Umrah packages from the UK.

Suggestions for the selection of best customized Umrah package according to your budget

If you get confused about choosing which Umrah Package suits you according to your pocket? Stop getting perplexed anymore. Our expert team is here to answer each query present in your mind. Whenever our customer asks for arranging a special package that may meet all his needs and demands, we go for creating a customized package for his feasibility. Even in that package also, we give you complete satisfaction of having good residential spots there and good airline services. We formulate our all Umrah Packages in such a structure that you will not be hesitant to select the best out of them all.

Umrah deals

Taking into account the demands of a certain season and specification of Islamic months, an ideal framework has been crafted by our experienced agents, including:
  • Cheap Umrah Packages
  • Customized Umrah deal
  • Luxury Umrah deal

We care for your health parameters

Taking into account your health and fitness, we facilitate our clients with good medical assistance. Mainly old aged and young ones remain the apple of our eyes during the whole trip. We preferably suggest our dear customers to take precautionary measures all time with you wherever you go. A very fine medication is given before flights interval so that it might not affect our clients because of climate changes.

Things to keep with you before flights

Keep in mind to take every possible facility within your luggage bag and hand carry so that you might not be worried afterward. Keep these things-Ahram, towel, sufficient quantity of clothes, sleepers, prayer mat, rosary, hand cream, oil, comb, umbrella, some eatables like biscuits or snacks, shampoo, soap, detergent, toothpaste, toothbrush and mouth wash(optional), alarm clock, tissue pack, scissor, a small knife and nail cutter, some required medicine, plain water bottle, hot water and some tea bags, an iron, cups and glasses, camera, mobile charger and some extra batteries.

Do you have any plan of outing before performing Umrah?

This is specially provided on the demand of our clients. To be more entertained with our services, here is another gateway. If you have a plan to stay at some desired place before going for Umrah then Al Muslim Travel is the only solution that can arrange the best plans for your holidays.

Are you alone, with family or in a group to perform Umrah?

Our Umrah Packages have a variety of deals within which you might enjoy all kinds of trips. They are as best for individuals as for groups or in case of family. These are with best budget ratios, best facilities of living there, best traveling assistance and much more that you ever think to have during an exquisite tour.

What should be the maximum of, and kind of luggage you may carry with you in Umrah?

Policies and rules of Umrah packages with flights to Saudi Arabia allow only some fixed quantity of weight per luggage bag. It is the ratio of 23 kg per luggage bag. Two bags per person are allowed to carry. However, handbags can have 7 kg weight.

What must be your priority for transportation during Umrah?

Al Muslim Travel provides its clients with the best transport facility to lead them to airports and Haram mosque at the right times, and visits to sacred places are also arranged on demands. But if you would be willing to travel on your behalf, then our Umrah packages will provide you such flexibility.

Make your small trip memorable during Umrah?

Al Muslim Travel provides its dear customers very caring travel agents (on demand) who are responsible enough to lead his group members in the need of an hour. If your budget is handsome enough, then we can provide you this superclass facility during your Umrah tour. Travel guide takes you to almost all significant zayaraat related to that land so that your journey becomes the most memorable time of your life. Our Umrah packages offers a special tour to sacred places of both Makah and Medina.

What should I purchase during my holy trip for my friends and family?

From this holy trip, what we prefer mostly to shop for your loved ones or close relatives are Ajwa dates and zum zum water. These might be the most precious giveaways after your return from Umrah ever. Besides, you may purchase some unique items related only to sacred places of that land.

Visa requirements

  • A very first law set by the government of Saudi Arabia is that not any individual or group can apply for a visa without the assistance of an authentic travel company. Al Muslim Travel falls best in your satisfaction for hiring good and cheap Umrah packages 2022.
  • Only permanent residence holders can apply for a visa from the UK. People who came to the United Kingdom for work or visit cannot apply for Umrah from that land.
  • One needs to fill the visa application form correctly. This form can be taken from our travel agent. He will guide you as well to fill the form according to requirements.
  • Application is acceptable with a passport so make sure about at least 7 months validity of passport.
  • Newly Muslims are compelled to attach an authorized certification of their changed religion from some mosque.
  • Two passport-sized pictures with clear white background are also required to attach along with passport and visa application form. Make sure to capture the front side of your face.
  • Females need to provide proof of having mahram along with them while performing Umrah.
  • Young ones of the age of less than 18 will not be allowed to get a visa until they provide secure relations with some elders, accompanied with them.
  • Embassy of Saudi Arabia will allow your visa only when more than 6 months of your last sacred journey have been passed.
To avail best and Cheap Umrah Packages from the UK, do not miss to have quality services of Al Muslim Travel. We have arranged experienced agents for you to guide you at each step so that you might enjoy your spiritual tour with all its specifications. Must have a look on our Package list that is a very fine amalgamation of night stays with the selection of hotels.