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Umrah Packages 2022

Why All Inclusive, Luxury, and Economy Umrah Packages 2022 of Al Muslim Travel are highly recommended?

We are providing all types of Umrah packages 2022, which means you can choose to have All-Inclusive or Premium Exclusive Umrah packages at the most affordable rates. All our Umrah packages include unrivaled accommodation, comfortable and secure international flights, an impressive private transport with brand new vehicles on demand, Ziaraats of all holly places both in Makkah and Madinah can be arranged on demand as well, all of which are related to your “dream come true”.

3 Star Umrah Package 2022

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5 Star Umrah Package 2022

What makes Almuslim Travel such a Reliable Travel Partner for Booking Umrah Packages 2022 from UK?

Being affiliated with ATOL and IATA Al Muslim Travel are proudly serving guests of ALLAH for the past 7 years. Following verification, we are striving to provide exceptional services for Umrah packages 2022 in the United Kingdom after being notified and registered by The Ministry of Hajj and The Saudi Embassy. If you are intending to perform Umrah and are seeking acceptable Umrah Packages 2022, you have come to the right place. There’s no reason to ponder any longer. Al Muslim Travel is ready to solve everything for you after years of hardship, as we have maintained an outclass place in the race of all travel companies operating in the United Kingdom. 

Al Muslim Travel Offers a Wide Range of All Inclusive and Cheapest Umrah packages to Cater All Needs of Pilgrims From UK

A universally known fact is that out of all world religions, Islam has been accepted as a rapidly growing religion throughout the course of centuries. Pilgrimage is the fifth of the five representative pillars of Islam and every Muslim in the world has a thirst for espying the Kaaba. To quench this thirst Al Muslim Travel has put together the most convenient and dependable Umrah packages 2022 for UK brothers and sisters. According to a study, a significant number of Muslims go to Saudi Arabia each year to perform Umrah from UK.

Naturally, individuals prefer to do this heavenly rite during less crowded times, so make a list of all your requirements. Al Muslim Travel has always tried to keep a friendly schedule of Cheap Umrah packages 2022 for UK Muslims so that they may cherish every single moment of their intimacy with Almighty Allah. We offer distinctive and fundamental travel services to our valued customers so they may take advantage of affordable rates during the high season. Al Muslim Travel has carefully analyzed your concerns and designed various features to eliminate or lessen them as much as possible, which are as follows:

  1. Providing you with a wide range of services to make your sacred journey as comfortable as possible.
  2. Providing Cheap Umrah packages 2022 to our Muslim brothers and sisters with the most reasonable rates that everyone can afford with ease.
  3. Managing your flying schedule by keeping you fully informed about every detail of your flight.
  4. Facilitating our valuable clients with pre-arranged lodging both in Makkah and Madinah.
    Giving you chance to visit all holy places of Makkah and Madinah under the supervision of our tour guide.
  5. You may customize your package the way you want, which best suits your budget.
  6. Arranging the most secure and verified payment methods for you.
  7. Providing the simplest methods to book your Umrah packages, everyone can easily understand. Get timely confirmation of your tickets from the airline and mail it to you properly & professionally.
  8. We are here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a helpline and chat support.

We promise you that under our travel services, all of your desires will be realized, and you will have a hassle-free and comfortable sacred journey to the land of divinity.

Type of Umrah Packages

Our professional Umrah staff have designed an optimal framework that takes into account the necessities of a certain season as well as the specifications of Islamic months. So you can easy navigate to different type of packages displayed on our website which are categorized month vise, budget vise, standard vise etc some of them are mention below: 

  • All Inclusive Umrah Packages 2022
  • Cheap 3 & 4 Star Umrah Packages
  • Luxury 5 Star Umrah Packages
  • Customized Affordable Umrah Packages
  • December Umrah Packages
  • Ramadan Umrah Packages
  • Easter Umrah Packages

Umrah is a Spiritual Pilgrimage to Makah.

What is Umrah? And How Sacred It is?

The Linguistically definition of Umrah in Arabic is “to visit a crowded location.” However, according to Shariah, it means ‘Pray to Almighty Allah’. Umrah is regarded as a ” lesser pilgrimage.” It is, indeed, the holy Sunnah of our Prophet (PBUH). Except for the scheduled days of Hajj, it can be performed at any time of life. Umrah is the submission of apologies to Allah for sins committed during one’s life. Muslims execute this religious ceremony to begin their lives guilt-free and to gain virtues.

Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said, ‘(The performance of) Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed (between it and the previous one). And the reward of Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing except Paradise.’  [Narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari]

Five Compulsory Rituals of Umrah

Umrah is divided into five parts, each of which follows the norms established by Islamic law:

  1. Make a pure and sincere intention to perform Umrah, since it is performed only for the pleasure of Almighty Allah.
  2. Tying Ahram
  3. Circumambulate all over the Kaaba
  4. Performing Sa’ee in betwixt of Safaah and Marwah
  5. Clipping of head hairs

Who is Eligible to perform Umrah?

It is necessary to determine whether or not one is qualified to practice this sacred doctrine. There is no need to be concerned. Our professional, well trained travel agents will tell you all you need to know about your Umrah status. There are a few crucial things to consider when determining the acceptance rate:

  1. Only Muslims are allowed to enter the threshold of Kaaba.
  2. Pure intention is necessary, which means that one must be resolved to seek the blessing of Almighty Allah.
  3. One should be able to bear all expenses of this journey.
  4. It requires females to go with Mahram to perform this sacred ritual.

Our travel agency is willing to take all conceivable precautions to protect its clients from the beginning to the end of their Umrah tours program.

Umrah importance in the life of a Muslim

Despite the fact that Umrah is a voluntary practice, yet every Muslim tries to perform this sacred Sunnah at least once in his lifetime. The exhilaration and delight of this rite may be observed in reality when a Muslim expresses his anxiousness and enthusiasm to return to Kabba after his first Umrah.

Umrah is a prayer that has a cathartic effect on a Muslim’s life. You can judge the seniority of Umrah from a well-known phrase of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. He was questioned about an exceptionally good deed that a Muslim might perform. He asserted that “Almighty Allah erases all sins committed by a man during two Umrah.”

Al Muslim Travel not only offers the finest and cheapest Umrah packages 2022, but also provides in-depth information on the role of divinity in completing Umrah.

Main objectives of Umrah   

Umrah, regarded by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the most soul-lifting Sunnah, it is a spiritual expression of faith. One of the most prominent reasons for performing Umrah is to cleanse man of all sins and recompose him as an original soul. During Umrah pilgrims seek the blessings of Almighty Allah, pray for forgiveness, and strengthen their faith. Our Umrah packages 2022 will provide you with great certainty that you will enjoy all of the following ambitions:

  1. Increasing tranquility
  2. Enhancing harmony
  3. Obtaining material aid
  4. A excursion that teaches
  5. Possibility of becoming an inmate of AlmiAllah
  6. Sunnah is equivalent to a crusade in terms of eradicating guilt

Rewards and Benefits of Umrah

The moment the pilgrim arrives in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah he can feel a strange calmness in himself. Only the thought of becoming Almighty Allah’s guest gives shivers but it is one of the most beautiful things that you experience in your entire life. Hazrat Abu Huraira RA narrated that Prophet PBUH said that :
 “The guests of Allah are three: The Ghazi (the warrior who fights in Jihad just for the sake of Allah), the Hajji (the pilgrim who performs Hajj), and the Mu’tamir (the pilgrim who performs Umrah)”.

While performing this sacred and heavenly excursion, Pilgrims receives countless rewards which include endless blessings, forgiveness from all sins, monetary successes, the strength of body, Eiman, and soul.

How to Perform Umrah?

As you are ready to submit your whole dignity in front of Allah, it is natural for a Muslim to get anxious and confused about whether they did correctly the Umrah rites he performed according to Islamic law and are acceptable.  No need to be concerned; Al Muslim Travel has created a flow chart to help clear up any confusion that may arise before undertaking any Umrah-related decision. Our group is dedicated to making our clients as comfortable and flexible as possible.

Here are a few key rituals necessary to perform Umrah:

Make pure intention of performing Umrah

First of all, Purify your heart and intellect with the goal of washing away all evils from inside and polishing yourself with only virtues for the rest of your life before doing Umrah

 Ghusal should be performed

It is important to clean your body of all exterior impurities and to take a decent shower.

Assume Ahram

Before moving towards Makkah with intention of performing Umrah, every Muslim tie Ahram from Meeq’at point.

Perform Tawaf

Tawaf means revolve around the Kaabah anti-clockwise 7 times starting from the Black Stone ( Hajr-e-Aswad ).

Perform Sa’ee

In Sa’yee, pilgrims run/walk back and forth between two hills Safa & Marwa seven times.

 Clipping of Hair

After completing Sa’ee, Males are ordered to cut or trim their hair while females only cut a centimeter of their hair more or less.

Significance of Ramadan Umrah Packages 2022 in the light of Islam

To gain the maximum blessings of Almighty Allah, it is recommended to perform Umrah in the blessed month of Ramadan. The rewards obtained from Umrah during the month of Ramadan become equivalent to Hajj. That’s why Al Muslim Travel has designed peerless Ramadan Umrah packages 2022 for UK Muslims to facilitate them and make their journey comfortable and convenient so they put all of their worries behind and just focus on their Ibada’h and collect maximum blessing of Almighty Allah in the holy month of Ramadan.

Arrangements of ziaraat in Makah and Medinah

Every Muslim aspired to visit religious sites associated with our Islamic past in Makah and Medina in order to cherish these blissful memories. Here is a list of Ziaraats by AL Muslim Travel so that you may mark all of these locations as must-sees in your travel itinerary :

Places in Makah

  • Haram Mosque
  • Jabaal e Noor
  • Mount Arfa
  • Cave Suhr
  • Jannat ul Maula

 Places in Medina

  • Masjid e Nabwi
  • Jannat ul Baqi
  • Masjid al Quba
  • The well of Usman
  • Masjid e Abu-Bakr
  • Masjid e Ali
  • Masjid e Bilal
  • Masjid e Bukhari

 We provide reliable, comfortable, and new transport vehicles to visit all these holy places during their trip to Saudi Arabia while availing our most trustworthy all inclusive Umrah Packages 2022.

Affiliation with all Well-Known Airlines

We have all well-known airlines which are linked to our travel system, allowing you to have pleasant and affordable flights from all over the United Kingdom towards the sacred pilgrimage. It all depends on your budget and level of consideration; you can choose to travel with any airline you want. You may also customize the flight and the whole package itinerary to meet your specific needs.

Hotels and Accommodations For Your Religious Trip

Al Muslim Travel takes pleasure in upholding its reputation especially when it comes to providing accommodation and hotel choices. Every Muslim wishes to live as near to Makah as possible. As a result, our specialists have designed Umrah Packages 2022 in which pilgrims will be treated according to their preferences. If your budget does not enable you to take advantage of this service, we tend to provide hotels with outstanding pick-up and drop-off services. Keeping in mind your budget, we have arranged all types of packages, you can choose to have 3 star, 4 star, and 5-star hotels with the greatest umrah bargains, ensuring that no one misses a single required or non-compulsory prayer.

Assistance for the Selection of the Best Customized Umrah Package According to Our Client’s Budget

If you’re unsure and worried about which Umrah Package is best for you based on your budget, we are here to help you with that so stop worrying about it. Our Umrah expert staff is here to answer any questions you may have in your mind. When a customer requests us to compile a specific package that will best suit his budget and would cover all of his wants and demands, we create a customized package for his convenience but even in that package, we maintain quality and standard and provide you with total pleasure in terms of having nice residential places and outstanding airline services. We organize all of our Umrah Packages 2022 in such a way that you will not be hesitant to choose the finest one.

We Care for You and are Very Concerned about Your Health Factors

We care for you that’s why we take it very serious about assisting our clients regarding their health concerns. Throughout the tour, it is primarily the elderly and children that are the apple of our eyes. We strongly advise our valued consumers to take precautions at all times, no matter where they go. Before flying off to Kingdom we also recommend our clients to purchase medical insurance or travel insurance to cover them in the event of an unexpected accident, illness or injuries so they can be certain that their trip is safe and secure.

Things to have on hand before taking a Umrah flight

Remember to pack everything you need in your luggage bag and carry-on so you don’t have to be concerned about anything later on. Keep the following items on hand: Ahram, towel, ample clothing, sleepers, prayer mat, rosary, hand cream, oil, comb, umbrella, some eatables such as biscuits or snacks, detergent , shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouth wash (optional), nail cutter,  tissue pack, tissue pack, scissor, some required medicine , a small knife, an iron and plain water bottle, and some tea bags, cups and glasses, alarm clock, camera, mobile charger, and some extra batteries.

Do you intend to go on a trip before/after performing Umrah?

We exclusively design such packages on our client’s request who have some extra spare time and wish to go some holiday destinations before or after performing Umrah. This is another way to be entertained while using our services. If you want to stay in a certain location before performing Umrah, Al Muslim Travel is the only company that can make the best arrangements for your vacation. One of the main parts of tailoring such a package is arranging a flight with a few days’ layover at your desired vacation destination, locating a suitable hotel at a reasonable price in your desired location, and providing you with airport pick-up and drop-off service.

Umrah Visa Requirements in response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

You can apply for tourist VISA online or with the help of an experienced agent from licensed Umrah Company as this will increase the likelihood of approval of your tourist visa on time. Things required to apply for tourist visa.

  • An original passport with at least 7 months validity
  • Passport size photograph with white back ground

All pilgrims travelling to Saudia with a valid tourist visa must have a proof of a full course of one of the four currently recognized vaccines: two doses of the Oxford/Astra Zeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech, or Moderna vaccines, or a single dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

You must have NHS COVID Pass as proof of your COVID-19 status when traveling

Pilgrims who have been fully vaccinated as per the above mention instructions must fill out a Registration Immunization Information Form before entering the Kingdom via the Muqeem Portal.

All travelers must present a negative PCR test certificate issued by a verified laboratory at least 72 hours before the departure time from the United Kingdom.

When you complete all of the above mention requirements and once arrive at Jeddah or Madinah airports you must download the Tawakalna and Eatmarna APPS on your android or iOS devices in order to book Umrah slots, Salaah prayers slots in Masjid Al Haram (The Holy Mosque) Makkah and to visit the Rawdhah in Madinah.

Al Muslim Travel has collection of Hajj and Umrah Packages All Inclusive, with our world-class tour operators we always make ensure of on-time delivery of our services. Our primary goal is to provide low-cost services to all Muslims in the United Kingdom. Our travel agency has a long history of providing cheap umrah packages, economical hajj and umrah packages 2022, and customised hajj and umrah packages to customers from the United Kingdom. Regardless of the number of travel agencies in the UK, we receive a lot of positive feedback from our customers.