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Al Muslim Travel Offering matchless Hajj and Umrah Packages All Inclusive

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, Al Muslim Travel provides our valued customers “Hajj and Umrah Packages All Inclusive” in United Kingdom. We have been declared as “protected by ATOL and certified by IATA. Our travel agency is registered by The Ministry of Hajj and the Saudi Embassy and is working with over twenty year’s successful record history. We are offering first-class and affordable services for pilgrims from the land of the United Kingdom. Being a leading travel company, we present a variety of facilities to all our valuable customers including cheap flights to Makah, economical Hajj and Umrah packages, accommodation full of convenience, transportation at your ease, flexible availability of return tickets, an opportunity of having all significant zaiyaraat, safe and secure journey, best holiday deals of Umrah, trustful airways availability, 3 star/ 4 star and 5-star hotel reservations as per your demands and necessities. Our Hajj and Umrah travel agents will be giving you all chances to feel every essence of this holy tour of your life.

We believe in serving guests of Almighty Allah and we have formulated a satisfying structure which is the combination of planning and services under the kind supervision of Hajj and Umrah travel agents. Promisingly, Al Muslim Travel facilitates its clients from the UK to get a chance of being a part of no.1 Travel Company. We are accompanied by high-class experience rate, happy and satisfied customer reviews, and comfortable traveling period packed in customized Hajj and Umrah packages.

Attributes of Al Muslim Travel, associated with Hajj and Umrah packages from UK

Al Muslim Travel is a renowned hajj and umrah travel agency that offers thousands of pilgrims a more reliable platform. A label of faith that is linked to our services as we are confidently assisting the citizens of the UK with best and unbeatable opportunities for performing Hajj and Umrah along with customized tools. With the help of which pilgrims can choose the best deal for them out of all given deals according to his demands and budget ratio.

We feel ourselves responsible for giving you:

  • Hajj and Umrah packages at reasonable rates
  • Safe and secure journey
  • Arrangement of International flights
  • Return Tickets
  • Local Transportations
  • Visits to Ziyaraat
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Customer support helpline
  • Travel guidance
  • Hajj and Umrah Guide
  • Confirmed booking
  • On-time deliveries of all services

schemes and packages have got transparency. Meaning that if our dear customers find any sort of confusion then we give complete assurance of giving them hassle-free services. Our main duties revolve around managing Cheap Umrah Packages for you. We stay here as an operational service to answer each query. Our skillful and experienced team members are in commitment to serve you by heart. Though our duties are paid definitely for pilgrims, but our travel agents have got enough guts to behave as nicely as to earn virtues and blessings of Almighty Allah by serving His beloved guests. Each year, a large number of UK citizens show their consent and urge to find some suitable as well as a trustworthy company that may take care of their worries and cater to all of their needs with responsibility. Especially, the one who is going to plan for this sacred tour for the very first time, we here at Al Muslim Travel make sure that you have a hassle-free, comfortable and convenient sacred journey ahead.

Al Muslim Travel with all its Hajj and Umrah packages all-inclusive stays indulged in exploring best plans for the holly trip of UK pilgrims to Makah and Medinah. We strive for giving you all possible comfort and arranging your tour in such a way that you get everything needed. Our travel agency remains engaged in extracting exceptional services even including trip plans to other locations. Those who wish to fly to some resort areas before or after our Umrah packages from UK, we arrange outstanding flexibility in tickets and provide them in a very professional manner what they expect relating to their holly trip to the “Land of Divinity”.

Characteristics of our Hajj Department

Hajj is considered as one of the most sacred religious practices. The belief of all Muslims lies in a fact that sins of life will be eradicated after undertaking pilgrimage with all its rights reserved by Allah to seek forgivingness. Out of all the principles of Islam, pilgrimage is a must-to-do desire of every Muslim. Once our Prophet (PBUH) quoted:

“Whoever performs Hajj for the sake of pleasing Allah and hence does not commit any evil deed, shall return in a form as his mother just gave birth to him”

We offer affordable Hajj packages in which shifting Hajj packages and non-shifting Hajj packages are provided to pilgrims so they might have a chance to perform their Hajj with complete dedication and comfort.

Your convenience, our priority

Al Muslim Travel runs with the formula of “your comfort zone comes first”. So it’s our utmost effort to give you Hajj and Umrah packages all-inclusive at unbeatable prices. Whether you are thinking to have a solo package or group, our expert team in the UK always stays ready to assist you with all your requirements and demands. In the case of long distances of some 5-star hotels, we arrange possibly close accommodation for our clients as it is the dream of every Muslim to stay near to Haram Mosque and continuously watch its sacred sight. Therefore, we provide the nearest spot to stay with all the expected comforts.

We take into the considerations of the needs of old aged, young ones and disable customers. Hence, both in Makah and Medina, we take special care in assisting and providing information about wheelchair and ways to get it.

. Also ground floors of luxury hotels are booked for old aged. Otherwise, lifts are all time available there for those who avoid stairs, especially disabled pilgrims. Al Muslim Travel has a very soft corner for them.

Another convenience offered in our Hajj and Umrah packages all-inclusive is the opportunity of availing different zones of departure from different cities of the United Kingdom containing London, Manchester, Birmingham and many more. Locating different areas of the map, we take into notice of every detail of the calendar to provide you the best time and date for umrah flights. Our packages are covered in customized features for all types of funds you are having. We have cheap, personalized and the luxury Umrah packages UK concerning your demands.

For enhancing your level of ease, we did not take much time to quench your thirst to travel to sacred places of the world Makah and Medina. After you provide us with verified and accepted documents, a visa is issued right within a week. Firstly, get your travel plans locked with our travel company and then collect visas and tickets from us to fly to Saudi Arabia enjoying reliable airlines as per your demands. In the list of the major services that we own as a responsible travel agency includes transportation on a local level, visa proceedings, luxury accommodation in hotels of Makah and Medina, international flights and ticket confirmations.

It’s the matter of your own choice whether you choose return tickets of business class or economy class. Our travel company has all travel facilities in our packages as it is linked with numerous international airways, as far as concerned with the efficiency of availing our UK clients travel services, we do not compromise on the quality work hours of our agency as our all deliveries of duties are authentic and professional in their manners.

Personal needs of our valuable customers are also taken very seriously. If someone has got health issues, financial issues or anything else, we take special care and provide you our best. We also recommend our valuable customers to inject anti-infection vaccine before the time of the flights.

For your ease, we have arranged a list of packages concerning the varieties of hotels in both holly cities of Saudi Arabia-Makah and Medina keeping in mind the level of your budget and number of days you choose for this specific trip. Al Muslim Travel agency supports its dear customers with 3 star/ 4 star and 5-star hotels that are specified with all luxuries and requirements that our clients discuss with us while booking their desired package with us. We believe that we deliver to you in the form of our services. That is why before going to finalize everything with the clients, we give them a chance to make a detailed conversation with our expert team members. After making a deal with them, our travel agency let its customers enjoy every essence of their holly journey because our Umrah packages are organized in such a perfection that we handle each matter of clients on our behalf.

Holidays plus Umrah Packages

Al Muslim Travel understands very well its customer’s each desire and we are concerned about it. Some families demand for spending their spare time at some holiday destinations before or after performing Umrah. So we leave no stone unturned to fulfill their every wish. We compile such a package which includes both Umrah and holiday plans. We have observed and experienced that many UK families want to explore the world and have a desire of visiting some famous holiday destinations. Side by side they also have a dire need to find peace of mind by visiting Makkah and Madinah and bestow themselves with worshipping, but due to lack of time and sometimes budget, they can’t do both with one-go So keeping both these desires in mind, Al Muslim Travel has already customized such packages through which you can fulfill both of your wishes. As our expert agents are always ready and pay full attention to your thoughts and suggestions.

Al Muslim Travel maintains its reputation even in those locations while facilitating our customers with the best luxury accommodations, excellent transport service, secure international return tickets and much more according to the needs and requirements of clients.


As Al Muslim Travel is a devoted Hajj and Umrah travel company so it is responsible for being acknowledged of its all specialties related to cheap Umrah packages and Hajj packages 2021.

We are dedicated to what we say. Our company parameters are not linked with any fraud. All our services are truly and surely provided. You may fly as an individual or with your family and friends most healthily through the most reliable and comfortable airlines. We have packed your all demands in Hajj and Umrah packages UK through which you may pick up each suitable suggestion from our experts.

All-inclusive and customized packages are provided with their complete factors in which the Islamic trip of our each customer takes as full consideration by our company. No one is being neglected at all. We care for your valuable requirements associated with this sacred trip to Makah and Medina. As it is the most important journey of the life of a Muslim, affirmed by this saying:

“Those who perform Hajj with all its requirements are awarded blessings of Heaven” (Muslim Bukhari, 1349)

According to the demands of the age, recent updates are made whenever thought necessary. Current affairs running in relevance to present circumstances are being uploaded so volunteers for performing Hajj and Umrah from the UK didn’t tie in any complexity. We have conceived many struggles in posting whatever significant related to your interests in the holy lands of Makah and Medina. There is also mentioned a portion of “Tips and tricks”. What should be best for you? And which month would be most appropriate for you to practice this holy doctrine? Everything is answered. Our customer reviews are also uploaded to satisfy your instincts. You are made to understand about our exceptional services after hearing their experiences.

Al Muslim Travel has designed a very friendly structure of packages to obey this divine order. Hotels are booked while keeping in mind your peace of mind and assistance of transportation as well as right according to your budget plan. Doesn’t matter at all which package you select, quality assurance services are provided at any cost. In our schemes, we have arranged 5-star hajj and umrah packages, economical hajj and umrah packages and customized hajj and umrah packages with deep and intellectual approach.

In the light of Umrah Packages All Inclusive, Religious tours are organized in such a manner that you may not skip any significant ziyarat both in Makah and Medina. Pilgrims are updated with special guidance with which everyone comes to know about basic codes of Islam and actual importance regarding those sacred places. Our Clients are our priority and therefore, we tend to design each tour with minute details so our dear customers never get worried during the most vital occasion of their life. Our main focus resides in your comfort zone that would be going to have a long-lasting effect on your lives hereafter for sure.

Almighty Allah says:

“For the one who is physically fit and financially capable enough, it is his foremost obligation to visit Kaaba”

Basic and compulsory requirements towards your side :

Besides all our top-class services versus flawless expertise, some major requirements need to be fulfilled by your side. These are included timely payments and your verified and attested documentation. After receiving all we demand, you remain some steps far from your dreamland.

In the case of a British Passport, proceedings of Umrah are accomplished within 5 to 7 business days. To facilitate you with our packages of Umrah, you are asked to give us your original passport (At least two perfectly seen pages) and secondly, you should attach digitally captured photographs having a white background. These are sent to our office in London.

For British Passports :

  • Original Passport with 7 month validity 
  • 2x Passport size photographs with white back ground

For Non-British (European) Passports:

  • Original Passport
  • Photographs
  • Proof of address ( a copy of driving licence, Utility bill, Council Tax or Billing statement etc.)

For Non-British & Non-European Passports:

  • Original Passport
  • Photographs
  • Original PR or Biometric Card
  • Proof of address ( a copy of driving licence, Utility bill, Council Tax or Billing statement etc.)

Points to ponder:

  1.  Saudi government laws ask you to apply for an Umrah visa through an authentic travel agency. You cannot go for it on your behalf. And for off-course Al Muslim Travel falls in the best category to vail the blessings of this holy journey.
  2.  The passport should be at least 7 months validity from the date of submission.
  3.  For newly made Muslims, it is a must to provide his or her certification of changed religion attested from Mosque or religious center.
  4.  Only permanent resident holders in the UK can apply for a visa. Those who are on a work permit or visit visa cannot go for applying visa.
  5.  Visa duration for Umrah is applicable only for 30 days and it cannot be prolonged even on demands.
  6.  Female customers are bound to fly in the company of certain mahrams. They might be a son, husband, or brother.
  7.   Children under 18 years of age are not permitted to apply for a visa until they are accompanied by some elderly members of their family.
  8.  The only cities to be visited under the package of Umrah are Makah, Medina and Jeddah.
  9.  During Umrah tour, you are not allowed to do any job and you cannot extend your stay. Disobeying will result in deportation, heavy penalties or any strict action that might be taken by the Saudi Government.

Al Muslim Travel embodies Hajj and Umrah Packages All Inclusive in which on-time deliveries of our services are made assured with our world-class tour operators. Our foremost ambition is to facilitate Muslims from the United Kingdom with cost-effective facilities. Our travel agency has made a record history in which a large number of customers from the UK have got advantages from our cheap umrah packages, economical hajj and umrah packages and customized hajj and umrah packages. Regardless of the extends of travel agencies working in the UK, we are enjoying numerous appraisal feedback from our valued customers.

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