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December Umrah Packages 2024

3 Star December Umrah Packages 2024

4 Star December Umrah Packages 2024

5 Star December Umrah Packages 2024

Discover Affordable December Umrah Packages at Al Muslim Travels

Umrah is an opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life. It is a chance to seek Allah’s forgiveness and cleanse your soul. Therefore, to ensure that you have a peaceful stay during this journey of blessings and rewards, Al Muslim Travels offers you the best December Umrah Packages. 

As a travel agency, we do know that December is one of the most preferred months for Umrah. And not just because of the cool weather; one of the major reasons behind it is the Christmas holidays. There’s no better time to travel than the holidays. That’s why we have introduced the best and most budget-friendly December Umrah Packages 2024 to provide you with the utmost ease and comfort. 

Enjoy Cheap December Umrah Packages 

Al Muslim Travels offers you the most luxurious and premium services, while making sure that it doesn’t break your bank. From your visa processing to your return flights – our staff makes sure you face no trouble and find everything according to your preferences. We have listed out our best three December Umrah Packages from the UK, to answer all your queries. 

  • 3 Star December Umrah Package 

The 3 star package involves a stay of 7, 10, 12 and 14 days. This suggests that we can offer you a package based on your preferences.  This package includes visa processing, booking,  and return flights along with air-conditioned hotels close to Haram. If you want to do ziyarat and go sightseeing, we can also arrange that along with a tour guide, so that you face no trouble during your stay in Makkah as well as Madinah. 

  • 4 Star December Umrah Package 2024

4 Star December Umrah Package includes stays in clean and air-conditioned hotels with an all-time reception service. This package is also designed for four people in general. But in case you have a large family or a large friend group, we can customise our Christmas umrah package accordingly. With a bit of additional costs, we can add more services to this package. For instance, if you want to arrange direct flights or you want to perform Islamic tours, we can arrange all that for you with a little extra money. Lastly, similar to the three star Umrah package, this package also includes an Umrah Visa and Return Tickets.

  • 5 Star Christmas Package 

This is one of the best Umrah Packages 2024 December that we are offering. It is among the most popular December Umrah Packages, as it offers outstanding services. From booking your flights with the best airlines, to offering car rental services – this package covers it all. And most importantly, the hotels included in this package are closest to Haram. This means that it will only take you 2–3 minutes to get to Haram every day. Lastly, you can also wake up to the marvellous and blissful  view of Holy Sights every day. 

December Umrah Package: Accommodation at the Best Hotels 

As a certified travel company, we guarantee you a peaceful stay at some of the best hotels of Saudi Arabia. These hotels offer top-notch services and have gotten the best reviews. No matter if you avail a five star Umrah Package December or any of our 4 star December Umrah Packages, all of the hotels in your packages are hygienic and well-maintained. 

Some of the hotels included in the luxurious 5 star December Umrah Packages include, 

  • Pullman Zam Zam Makkah
  • Conrad Makkah 
  • Hyatt Makkah 

These hotels provide free wifi, laundry rooms, fitness centres, work stations, satellite Tv’s in rooms and buffet dine services. Moreover, they also offer a 24/7 reception service. Also, they have staff experienced in international languages, so that there’s no communication barrier and you can explain your needs freely to the hotel staff. 

Even though the hotel preference differs according to your budget, we make sure that your safety and hygiene is not compromised even if you avail one of our cheap December Umrah Packages. 

Christmas Umrah Package Provides Best Airlines for Travel 

The first part of your Umrah is to travel, and if it’s not done right, there are very clear chances of you getting jetlagged for a long time. But we don’t want it at any cost. And that’s one of the main reasons why we offer you unlimited December Umrah Packages with a plethora of airline options. 

Turkish, Emirates, Egypt Air, Saudi Airlines, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Oman Airway – all of these airlines offer the most incredible travel services. So, to get one of our best Umrah deals, contact us to help you plan your Umrah journey

Why to Book December Umrah Package with Al Muslim Travels? 

Truth to be told, there are not a single but a hundred valid reasons that make Al Muslim Travels your best travel partner. With unlimited complementary services and excellent support staff, we offer them all. 

Some of our best features that make us your top choice are as follow, 

  • Affordable December Umrah Packages

Our December Umrah 2024 Packages are exclusive and yet affordable. We design our packages according to the ease of our clients. Because at Al Muslim Travels, we want you to feel valued and taken care of. And ensuring affordability is our primary step in achieving this goal.

  • Hassle-free Umrah Visa Processing 

Visa processing can be a bit exhausting sometimes. Therefore, Al Muslim Travels has come to your rescue and has let you be free from this hassle. Because, as your travel company, we handle visa processing. And that too with no additional costs.

  • All-in-One December Umrah Packages 

Our December Umrah 2024 Package provides you with everything from planning your pilgrimage to sightseeing, hotel accommodations, and return tickets. You can avail any and every service in our all inclusive packages designed for you.

Lasty, we also offer customised Umrah Packages from Uk along with the packages for group and single individuals. It’s all up to you and your budget. So, it’s about time that you make your Umrah dream come true. 

Hurry up, and reach us out through our query form or give us a call, and let’s plan your Umrah together. 


What's the average cost for December Umrah Package 2023?

The costs depend on the services you want us to add in your December Umrah Package. But if you consult us about the average amount, then you’ll have to pay an estimated amount of 1000-1100 pounds when you’re travelling from the UK for Umrah.

Which Makkah hotels are included in your December Umrah Package?

Hilton Suites, Pullman ZamZam Makkah, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Conrad Makkah, Dar Al Eiman Grand Makkah are some of the 4 star and 5 star luxurious hotels included in our package for your stay in Makkah.

Which services do you offer in the Christmas Umrah Package?

We offer visa processing, return tickets, flights booked with best airlines and ventilated and well-maintained hotels.

Do you provide ground rental services as a part of your package?

We do not provide ground rental as a part of our basic package, but if you want us to add it as an additional service, we can customise a different package for you.

Do I have to pay an extra amount for Ziyarat, or is it a part of the Christmas Umrah Package by default?

No, it is not added by default in your December Umrah Package, but with a bit of additional cost, we can add it in your package.

Do you offer Umrah Packages for the elderly?

Yes, we offer December Umrah Packages for every age group.