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1445 Hijri, 15 Dhu al-Qa'da

Easter Umrah Packages

3 Star Easter Umrah Packages 2024

4 Star Easter Umrah Packages 2024

5 Star Easter Umrah Packages 2024

Are you planning Umrah in Easter 2024?

Are you thinking of getting the right Easter Umrah packages 2024?  It is time to see your dream of being at the bait ul Allah coming true.  Al Muslim travels has all that you are looking for in making the things become true. There are amazing Easter Umrah packages to facilitate you in maximum possible ways. We have the best traveling, accommodation and transport services to let you have the best scared moments during the Easter Holidays.

The dream in white

The white cladded Muslims from all over the world visit the Holy city of Makkah and Medina every year in large numbers. Roaming around the Black cube in the heart of Bait ul haram, the pilgrims appear like the kites hovering around the light. The sight is so inspiring for all humanity. The power of Tauheed is evident that there is an unseen power that is housed in the hearts of Muslims.

There is no border or geographical restriction to it. The men classified as black and white by the humans look like one whole in the house of Allah. Regardless of the color, creed, and race, they gather to bow before Allah, the Gracious, and the Beneficent. Whether hajj or Umrah, it holds a special place in the heart of the Muslims.

A Muslim, since the early years of his mental growth and development, dreams of the white apparel wrapped around his body. Each step around the Bait ul Allah is a step towards self-accountability and Taqwa. It is in that place that the spiritual memories are created that stay in the hearts forever. The warmth of the place is enough to hold back the evil thoughts, even when you are back after completing the holy journey.

If you are planning to enjoy the holy moments in the sacred cities of Saudi Arabia this Easter, then here is the good news for you. Al Muslim Travels offers amazing Easter Umrah Deals for those who are dreaming of a worth remembering journey.

Common challenges in the Holy Journey

The most common problems quoted by the visitors are related to peace of mind. While away from home, though, the pilgrim is at Allah’s chosen cities, but still, he needs to pray and stay without any chaos stress. He needs to concentrate on what he has come for. Thinking about distant accommodation, transport challenges, meals, and traveling is nothing but undue stress and distraction.

The list of hajj and Umrah planners is growing each day, but this does not mean that all of these can be relied upon. Many have proved worthless and just a problem for the pilgrims. This makes the situation confusing for those who are planning the Holy journey. They don’t want the trip at stake.

Al Muslim guarantees the best Umrah packages 2024from UK . These packages include all that you want to have for the dream journey. Ease, comfort, and convenience go hand in hand if you choose Al Muslim as your travel companion.

Why choose Al Muslim as your travel partner?

While sorting out the names of the best travel agencies in the UK, one word you would come across is the Al Muslim travels. Here at the Al Muslim, we own our valued customers and try to give them the best services in this part of the year, especially during the holidays. Cheap Umrah packages from the UK are worth cherishing, whether you are going alone or accompanying the family.

The credibility is not questionable as the ATOL protects us, and we also have the certification from IATA. We also have the registration of the Ministry of Hajj and the Saudi Embassy. The success stories spread over the time of two decades are evident in the trust of our valuable customers.

If you missed a chance of going for Umrah or hajj in 2021 due to the COVID pandemic, then we have a piece of excellent news for all the future pilgrims for April 2024. Plan the Umrah in your Easter holidays and visit the house of Allah with us. Easter Umrah packages 2024 include all that you can think of. Umrah Packages 2024 refers to luxury accommodation near Haram and Masjid e Nabvi, air-conditioned private transport, direct flight tickets, and, most crucial appropriate guidance. We have a wide range of packages to select one of your choices and customize it according to your requirements. We take the assistance of the skilled travel agents that are always ready to help you feel at home and resolve all the matters that can be bothering you.

We value our customers. Our honorable guests heading towards the Holy Land mean a lot to us. It is for this reason that we serve our clients with the best services. From planning the journey to reaching the dreamland, we assist the clients at every step. By acquiring the Easter Umrah packages 2024, we promise you a great experience. The reviews of the past pilgrims are the certification of our quality services. Even if you are traveling with the family, we have the best Family Umrah deals among the Umrah packages 2024.

What do we offer?

Al Muslim Travel is a known travel agency for the Umrah packages. While talking about the Easter Umrah 2024, we guarantee the best services.  We strive hard to give the most reliable services to our pilgrims. They have waited for long till this date to visit the land of Arabia to offer the prayers before Almighty and pay homage to the Prophet (PBUH).  The list of endless opportunities is there for the pilgrims in the UK. Besides offering the Easter Umrah packages 2024, we do allow you to customize the traveling plan. We are offering 3, 4, 5-star packages to the pilgrims to choose whatever suits their needs and budget. We value every traveling companion. Hence we keep in mind the needs of all.

The Easter Umrah packages 2024 will cover

  • Transportation
  • Luxury accommodations close to the Haram in both Makkah and Medina
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Guided tours of local ziarat
  • No booking confusions
  • Swift delivery of services

We at Al Muslim Travel ensure that there is nothing hidden from our valued customer. The packages are transparent. There is no need to think about the hidden charges.


We do what we say. We value our customers and so try to render the best services throughout the journey. The committed and honest expert hands are there to manage your affairs without putting you in unnecessary trouble.

If you have made your mind, then get ready to avail of our Easter Umrah packages. We are sure that you would love this lifetime experience and will always remember us in your prayers.