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1446 Hijri, 13 Muharram
cheap umrah packages 2022

Umrah is considered to be a sort of “minor pilgrimage “as compared to Hajj, which is the 5th pillar of Islam. However, Umrah is indeed the Holy Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and for the ease of completion, We offer variable Umrah Packages. One Performing this Holy act carries enormous rewards for those with pure intentions to please Almighty Allah.

First and foremost, Umrah gives you an opportunity to become a Holy guest of Almighty Allah, the supreme leader and creator of this Universe, it is perhaps the best reward you can achieve by performing Umrah. Hazrat Abu Huraira RA narrated that the Messenger of ALLAH said :

“ The guest of ALLAH are three: The Ghazi, The Haji and the Mu’tamir”

Opportunity to Forfeit Sins

Every human being makes mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally they commit sins. Performing Umrah purifies men of all his previous sins and recomposes him as a newborn. Umrah washes away all sins committed during lifetime our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said that ;

“Umrah is atonement of all sins

Therefore, It is the utmost desire of every Mulsim in the world to perform Umrah at least once in their life. So to make their dream a reality, they look for Umrah packages that include all necessary and amenities facilities and to find such deals is a somewhat difficult task but surely it’s not impossible.

There are hundreds of travel companies in the United Kingdom that offer variety of Umrah packages all inclusive at different prices, You just have to find the right company whom you can trust. As per Saudi Government’s Policies suggest, You will get complete guidance regarding Covid-19 situation in the Holy Places.

Offering Cheap Umrah packages for UK citizens

Cheap Umrah Packages in UK

Almuslim Travel UK offers a comprehensive range of All Inclusive Hajj and Umrah Deals for 2022. These Umrah Packages are designed to meet the financial budgets of all our muslim Brethren . Our Company organises your journey with utmost dedication, steadfast commitment, and great response. From luxury bundles to budget friendly Cheap Umrah packages we have it all in our inventory.

We offer hand-picked comfortable 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels in Makkah and Madinah, all of which are conveniently located near Haram Shareef. You can ask us to customize an all inclusive Umrah package with 5-star services, a cost-effective 4 star Umrah package, or a low-cost 3 star Umrah package 2022 based on your budget.

We considered every aspect possible to make these packages reliable and affordable for every Muslim in UK, we made sure that you have well planned and hassle-free journey to land divinity.

Organize Your Umrah Packages From Any City in the UK

To save your precious time and hassle we offer a wide choice of Umrah package that allows you to travel from any city in the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh and others.

Choose a tailor-made package from our inventory or customize your package with your favourite airline if you wish to fly from your hometown airport.

Our experience, trained flights consultants are well versed with the schedule of Umrah flights from every airport in the United Kingdom. They check all scheduled flights flying from your hometown airport and choose the best one as per your desire.

Last Moment Discounts for Umrah Packages 2022

Due to busy schedules in life sometimes you may miss out the chance of booking early bird offers to get the advantage of cheap prices, So, Almuslim Travel kept your busy schedule in mind and customized a variety of last-minute Umrah discounts to suit your needs.

We have been approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah which allows us speedy Umrah processing on an urgent basis. Our top-tier hotel partners in Saudi Arabia enables us to book comfortable accommodation to suit your needs and our affiliation with top-rated airlines provide an opportunity to compare and find the most affordable last minute flight for our valuable clients.